From projects as small as adding a new screened porch or renovating your kitchen, to as large as a major addition, we are ready to help you improve your home to better match your tastes and lifestyle. Renovation projects that we are often engaged in include:

- Master Bath Additions/Renovations
- Kitchen Renovations
- Home Additions
- Decks
- Screened Porches
- Basement Finishing
Design-Build Services. If you are still in the early planning stages of your project, we can assist you in the design phase of your project, working with you to coordinate the renovation project with the remaining parts of your home to create a consistent feel for the completed home. By working with you at the design stage, we can greatly increase both the efficiency of the project planning phase and the overall success of the project. 
If you already have plans, or are working with an architect to create your plans, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your renovation and prepare a thorough and detailed no-obligation quote for you.
Pricing and Selections.  Our pricing structure sets us apart from many renovation firms.  First, we always provide a fixed price for construction. We never work on any type of cost-plus basis that would allow our clients to find themselves in one of those nightmare renovation stories that we have all heard about in which the costs just keep spiraling out of control. 
Second, we operate very differently from most builders who offer limited or pre-determined selection packages and use customer selections as a significant profit center.  Instead, in keeping with our philosophy of treating our clients as partners in the building process, we offer you total flexibility in selecting all of the finishes for your home, and you will receive wholesale pricing on selections without any mark-ups or commissions to us.  
If you are considering a home renovation project, give us a call and let us discuss with you how we can work with you through every aspect of the building process to ensure you find yourself in a transformed home meeting your time and budget requirements and exceeding your quality expectations.

EMAIL: 404-803-3703